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Welcome to the next generation of Web hosting. LINUX offers a high level of reliability, performance and security. Dynamic Server & Traffic Management provide the technologies you need to keep your site operating at peak capacity and running smoothly, while maintaining expert, round-the-clock security.


Hosting Plans

  • Plan One: 100 GB Space & Unlimited Bandwidth, 100 E-Mail Accounts, MySQL 1GB Database, LINUX Hosting. As low as $7.99/Month.
  • Gold Plan: Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth, 500 E-Mail Accounts, MySQL 1GB Database, LINUX Hosting. As low as $9.99/Month.
  • The Ultimate: Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth, 1,000 E-Mail Accounts, MySQL 1GB Database, LINUX Hosting. As low as $15.99/Month.

Turn-Key Solutions

  • Domain Name: Own your corner of the web.
  • Private Registration: Protect your personal information.
  • Website: Custom design layout, development of logo art, professional content creation, clips, photos and more.
  • Hosting: Fast, secure, reliable and powered by LINUX.
  • E-Mail: Personalized E-Mail addresses
  • SEO: Advanced search engine visibility.
  • Maintenance: Scheduled website testing and maintenance.


  • Advanced Search Engine Visibility: Increase your traffic and sales. As low as $3.20/Month.
  • Site Analytics: Vital data about your visitors, data you can use to your advantage. As low as $3.82/Month.
  • Website Backup & Restore: Safeguard your entire website - files folders, databases - with automatic daily offsite backups. As low as $1.99/Month.
  • Sitelock Malware Scanning: Defend your site against hackers and malware with automatic daily scans. As low as $1.49/Month.
  • Standard SSL Certificate: Secure credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive data your visitors submit through your site. As low as $5.84/Month.
Get Started

Get Started

  • Make contact by E-Mail or telephone. At the time of contact, we will discuss pricing and schedule a comprehensive telephone interview. During the interview we will explore the site building process and help you determine what your requirements are.
  • Before your scheduled interview, please take a moment to look at the sample questions and think about your answers.
Telephone Interview

Telephone Interview

  • Who is your primary audience?
  • What is the purpose of the Website? E-Commerce, Informational, Community.
  • Is this site for personal or business use?
  • If the site is for a business: What does your company do?
  • What types of products and/or Systems do you offer?
  • Do you have a slogan or tag line for your site?
  • What is the most important message you wish to convey to your visitors?
  • Do you have logos, photos, brochures or other information you can provide to us?
Design Considerations

Design Considerations

  • Would you like to create or incorporate your social networking presence with your Internet presence? Facebook
  • Are there any existing Websites or concepts that you like, from a design aspect?
  • If you could choose some descriptive words to describe your business, what would they be? Examples: Professional, Elegance, Calm, Powerful, Entertaining, Soothing, Strong, Fun, Peaceful, Expert, Amusing, Fresh, Sharp, Clean, Colorful, Tranquil, Concise, Loud, Serene, Stable, Casual, Harmony, Trust, Youth, Technology.
  • What type of pages do you want included on your Website? Examples: Flash Intro, Home Page, Features & Benefits page, Informational pages, Warranty & Return Policy page, FAQ's page, News page, About Us page, Affiliate page, Articles/Newsletter page, Privacy Policy page, Customer Service page, Product/Systems page, Upcoming Events page, Contact Us Page.
  • Please gather any existing materials and information that will help design your site. Examples: Photos (prints, slides, negatives), Frequently asked questions, History, Text, Shipping and handling charges and constraints, Education/certificates/awards, Brochures, Warranty policy, Case studies, Business cards, Privacy policy, Photos of yourself, staff and location, Bios, Flyers, Return policy, Transcripts of interviews, Product shots, Guarantees, Industry recognition, Product samples, Testimonials and/or endorsements, Map and directions, Press releases, Credits, Price and part lists, etc...

Phone Numbers

  • TEL 903/677-1144
  • CEL 214/862-1689


  • M. Scott Kinsey
  • 5270 Saddle Ridge Court
  • Athens, Texas 75752 USA